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Agreed, shitty to see what's happened.

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Used to be my go to card. Came to say this part.

Well, if you were one of the lucky ones to get approved on the first day, it's still showing as a payment options in the Amazon account. Just waiting on the physical card to arrive. Thye said they wont be able to send a card until "Amazon sorts out the issue". MBNA is pathetic now. I eventually escalated to the TD ombudsman who got things straightened out for us. Of course the month they fixed it they dropped the world elite rewards to 1. They should have at least sent some communication out to us if we weren't going to be getting the card for awhile I don't have the physical card but it is already linked to my account for use for a few weeks already.

So I was instantly approved same day. Have you been getting any Amazon Points from the purchases? Or do we get the points after we pay our bill? I'm not sure how it works How were you able to use the card, I tried using it and it asks me for the full card number and nobody has received their card yet. Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. PSA For Amazon.

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Effectively this makes it a 1. I figure if I combine these two cards with a little spending I will have 2 across Canada flights.

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And no i have not used the card and have no intention of using it. It's definitely a very strong card, but there are some disadvantages.

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But, to my surprise, there is no direction at all on how to use it on the bottle. If after that you want to check out the best buys, see below. Get 15, for first purchase then 10, after remaining active for the first 90 days. Tangerine card is not for everyone.

Redflagdeals mbna platinum

Did I miss something or it much harder to make any traction here in Canada? That's a major bummer Ken! April 26, at Would you know if there secure financial computer software out there that isn't an app we don't ever put any financial info on our phones whereby we can manage our monthly budget and manage our finances? Category: hungry. The other thing is you can only request your cash once per year with Rogers if you don't have a Rogers affiliated product or service you can redeem your cash against.

My least favorite rewards cards are the cards that give you air miles - be it airmiles, aeroplan or what ever.

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I have just applied and been approved for the Rogers card. And if you have, what are your thoughts on them? I called to get a replacement card, which was done without any problem. I think the answer given to you by your branch manager is negligent. So until that date, Rogers Bank card customers will get the double benefit. Their website doesn't even show who you issued cards to.

October 16, at 1: I do like Aeroplan cards because I've figured out how to get good value out of them with little hassle, but I agree that Air Miles cards are junk. Keep your old cards as long as possible without cancelling them unless they have a fee so that your average credit age is longer, which increases your score.

Thank you for your patronage and support. If you have any additional questions about this. Discover rfd cashback Deals available right now in Toronto. No referral links or codes.

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  • Click here to view free weekly online flyers from stores in Toronto, ON. The cash back program on RedFlagDeals has now come to an end. Redflagdeals cashback ECHO Cashback Mastercard, National Bank Redflagdeals cashback The largest one is that sulfuric acid is a highly toxic, caustic material that will emit harmful fumes the second it is exposed to air. I think the Scotia Mom. I had a Smart Cash card, which has a cash back cap. I'm looking to switch to the MBNA card. What matters is the following:.