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Once you get to a cetrtain level of domains they appoint you an executive team to help manage your domain and website issues. You have to get and find a new support pin every time you call in. GoDaddy offers internet specialists to help you. I have learned a ton from them. That is what builds loyalty. I use Bluehost and Hostgator, not even in the same league. GoDaddy has the energy and they will not be easy to defeat. I suspect this will be very successful, largely off the back of the popularity of the Google Apps offering. Yahoo had a great deal of success with their domain offering, based largely on the popularity of their other services..

I definitely think Google makes this work. The stakes are too high because names touch so many different parts of their business from search optimization to paid search to mail. Google has the resources and will bring ever greater quantities of them to bear as they grow this piece of their business. The rising tide will force others to up their game and will bring huge consumer benefit in the years ahead. I pity Apple in all this.

Company really seems rudderless these days. He sent me an email after the fact and I warned him that we could eat a lot of downtime. Sure enough, we did. I spent hours trying to fix the problems. Note that Google has willfully broken one site after another on purchase for Internet Explorer users. In this case, Google Domains just freezes completely, preventing even a single keystroke from happening in IE Googles recipe for choking off rapid Online business expansion, is tied into the fallacy that new GTLDs will promote Online Business growth.

The only thing the new GTLDs and other extensions that Google supports do is add more pages of competitors for Google to bill for their ad system. Its a matter of Online Business survival. Its not enough that you crave your Brands differentiation from the pack of competitors you are competing with.

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The Big question is how will Search Engine Marketing contribute to your cause? The Search Engine Marketing Model that Google-Centric Admen use unknowingly suckers your Business into a traffic stealing maze that, leads your Businesses Brand into a jungle or maze of never ending competitive choices in page after page of never ending choices, further Marginalizing and Diluting your businesses Brands ability to stand apart from Googles assemblage of page after page of your businesses most feared competitors, that are just one Click away on the same page as yours!

So if you do not want to expose your online business traffic to be channeled away from you and sent to your competitors, by all means steer clear of the Google MADMEN. Its a trap that many businesses are in. Name required. Mail will not be published required. Web site optional. Submit Comment. Nail, meet coffin! My guess is that they tried to be conservative on the technical side; more demand, more load on IT systems.

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But this bac It is hard earned and wel Rubens, Did the people doing the demand projections have a clue about the domain name business. ICANN is the one that needs to see the "sunset" On a more humorous note, I consider anything he writes someplace other than uniregistry. Alas, in a round about way, those domains that got dropped, i'm sure some around him were watching. Anyone else lose dom Radix acquires another gTLD. Correction: the 10 most-used dot-brands Nominet raises.

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July 17, at am. Matthew Crowder says:. June 24, at pm. Jon says:. Apart from the classic. However, there are still some notable local TLDs missing such as. However, not all of them are that affordable. With some registrars, you can find that renewing your domain name for the second year can set you back as much as twice the initial price. Just to give you one example, GoDaddy offers a. For a. Google Domains is much more transparent in its pricing. Setting aside a clear pricing model — and all those additional perks that you get with Google Domains — deciding whether Google Domains is actually worth it is still not an easy call to make.

For me, it comes down to a couple of things:. Google Domains is by no means revolutionary here. Therefore, getting a domain at Google Domains probably only makes sense if the TLD you want is cheaper there. Lastly, you should also consider some risks with Google Domains that Google themselves might not be that vocal about.

Mainly, even though Google Domains has the big G behind it, you can never know whether the service will stick around for the long haul. Google have got us used to a certain standard when it comes to their tools and services, and most of what they give us is simple and intuitive, yet functional. Google Domains, unfortunately, is not that. At least, not yet. To use it, you have to have a billing address in one of these countries. If your country is on the list, you can go to the main page at domains.

From there, you can search for a domain name you like. The list is alphabetical, so it may take you a while to scroll through it all. Still, you can find some gems there. Google Domains will also suggest you enable auto-renewal for your new domain name. If you agree, Google Domains will bill you automatically every year when the domain is up for renewal.

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  • One more thing you need to do before you can complete the purchase is provide Google with your address and billing info again, this time for tax purposes. This is a required step no matter where you register your domain name, and Google will let you know how to do that. This is where you can start working with the domain name by either deciding to build a website on top of it via one of the integrated tools e.

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    Squarespace, Shopify , set up email, adjust the main DNS details, or go into the more advanced settings. Overall, Google Domains is fine. Though, in my opinion, what you get from GoDaddy or Namecheap is still more user friendly and gives you much more guidance as to what can be done next and how to take full advantage of your new domain name. Also, if you want to install WordPress on your new domain name, Google Domains will only help you to do so with Bluehost.

    In that case, why not just register the domain with that other host in the first place? Any of the other top registrars in the market will serve you just as well. What do you think? Does Google Domains excite you as a new player among domain name registrars — one that can potentially disrupt the whole landscape?