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Thus, in this article, we will understand about international relations of India with other countries. Also, we will do this focusing on some of the recent deals that India has signed with other countries.

Recent Indian deals with other Countries. India has a strong history of maintaining good relations with other countries. Also, in recent years international relations of India has been under a lot of limelight. Here are some of the recent deals that made the headlines.

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Thus, the significance of this deal is thought to be huge for India. Also, this concluded three out of the four foundational agreements that have been planned with the USA for years. This deal will help in facilitating high-end security level communication for the military platforms in India.

Also, this will facilitate higher interoperability between the military forces of the USA and India. Learn Current Affairs here in detail.

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In what was deemed as first of its kind, India held a trilateral meeting with Iran and Afghanistan. The meeting was for the coordination council of the Chabahar port. It was in the capital city of Iran, Tehran. Also, the agreement was signed in May Thus, this agreement established the transport and transit corridor between the three countries. There were detailed discussions held on the full operationalization of the corridor.


Thus, all the three countries were of the view that a fully operational port will promote economic development as well as the connectivity for the three countries. The protocol comprehensive economic cooperation agreement came into effect a month after the signature. While for Singapore, India is the largest trading partner. Bilateral trades between both countries have gone beyond 17 billion USD in Thus, this agreement will help to boost the economy in both countries.

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