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You can turn any Verizon plan into a family plan , except for the 5GB single line plan.

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Prices listed are for the least expensive plan when more than one unlimited plan is available. NerdWallet can help you lower your bills and find you more ways to save money.

  1. Verizon will now charge more money for in-store activations of new phones;
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Our opinions are our own. NerdWallet is a free tool to find you the best credit cards, cd rates, savings, checking accounts, scholarships, healthcare and airlines. The way these plans differ is in the speeds, 4G LTE data thresholds, and perks they offer. The plans handle network congestion differently as well. Go Unlimited may reduce your speeds at any time if the network is congested. Above unlimited also offers GB of cloud storage and some extra travel perks.

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Both Beyond Unlimited and Above Unlimited also offer access to Verizon's 5G network where it's available and on supported devices. This includes 4K video streaming, mobile hotspot at 5G speeds, and full 5G data speeds without data deprioritization. Let's take a close look at what each of these plans has to offer for the price. Afterward, we'll also go over some of Verizon's alternative plans in case these aren't a fit for you. Whether you're a modest web surfer, a heavy Netflix-user, or just pull your phone out a few times a week, there should be a plan to fit your needs.

It's also one of Verizon's cheapest plans, so if you have your budget in mind, look no further. View this plan: at Verizonwireless.

Plus, with these plans, you can carryover unused data into the next month, in case you want to save up some data for a new Netflix show. This plan is a good fit for two people who will split the data a small amount of data, and it has a curiously obvious value over the 4GB plan.

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If there's network congestion, you may get reduced speeds, but it won't be because you accidentally fell asleep with Netflix streaming and went over your data allotment. If you don't want your speed reduced during periods of high network traffic, you may want to get the Beyond Unlimited plan. Each of the other three nationwide carriers have plans that allow you to trade in your old iPhone for a new one at least once a year.

T-Mobile's "Jump on Demand" plan lets you upgrade up to three times a year -- and it's not exclusive to the iPhone. Sprint S announced Thursday that you can have a new iPhone every year for just a buck a month , plus the cost of monthly service.

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  • Verizon now lets you upgrade your iPhone every year.
  • That gets you within striking distance of Sprint and T-Mobile's monthly costs when spread out over the course of two years. The iPhone deals have heated up as carriers have given up on two-year contracts.